News NOVEMBER 2023 !

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In a world where the accessibility of practices and medical centers is crucial to guarantee equitable care for all, the territorial accessibility fund presents itself as a major step forward. Updated on October 31, 2023, this fund specifically aims to support medical facilities in their efforts to become fully accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Context and Emergency :

With nearly a million ERPs (public access building) in France not complying with accessibility standards, particularly medical practices, the territorial accessibility fund responds to a pressing need. The medical sector, in particular, faces a major challenge in adapting its infrastructure and offering inclusive care.

Fund Details :

• Budget envelope: 300 million euros over 5 years, from November 2nd, 2023 to December 31st, 2028.
• Subsidy: Up to 50% of compliance costs, with a ceiling of €20,000 for work and equipment and €500 for diagnosis and project management assistance.
• Total Maximum Subsidy Capped at €20,500 per establishment.

Eligibility and Concerned Projects :

Implications for Healthcare Professionals :

This fund represents an opportunity for doctors and medical center managers to make their establishments more accessible. It helps fund critical improvements that go beyond simple regulatory compliance, creating a welcoming and accessible environment for all patients.

For you, professionals in the medical sector, this is a chance to transform your practices and centers into truly accessible places of care, with the financial support necessary to make these important changes.

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