Development of veterinary clinic

Veterinarian, you are planning the

  • construction
  • renovation
  • upgrading
  • decoration

from a veterinary clinic? You are in the right place !


We are DPLG Licensed architect Licensed architect architects specializing in medical and veterinary developments. As government-qualified architects, we can sign Building Permits and therefore carry out all types of construction (new construction, extension, elevation, etc.).

Our architecture is designed so that the different flows are as simple as possible.

We define waiting and warm welcome areas that reassure and build confidence.

Our spaces are precisely proportioned according to your program. We also emphasize the acoustics of our spaces, an area that is all the more important for a veterinary clinic.

Of course, the spaces created respect all the standards in force (ERP, disabled accessibility, sanitary facilities, labor code, etc.) and ensure the delivery of a very high quality workspace.


We can offer you missions:

  • feasibility,
  • building permits,
  • but also complete missions also ensuring monitoring of the construction site until the keys are handed over.

The first meeting is free throughout France (except Ile de France, you only pay the cost of return transport by train to the project location).


We are at your disposal for any further information, via the contact form or by telephone at