Work authorization - Medical, dental or other specialty office

Whether for a dental, medical, veterinary, ophthalmology, physiotherapy practice or whatever the specialty, your practice is a Public Access Establishment, commonly called ERP.

This category of establishment must meet numerous criteria such as the labor code, disabled people regulations (PRM), fire regulations (SSI), etc. So many rules that must be respected, compiled and presented to the administration to obtain authorization to open your ERP.

Depending on the size of your practice (number of chairs, rooms, etc.), the category may change and the mandatory standards may radically tighten to the point of making an installation impossible.


You have made plans or have even started or finished work on fitting out your premises. You wish to be in complete legality with the administration regarding your mandatory work authorization for any new development (or modification) of an ERP (establishment open to the public).

We can offer you the production and administrative monitoring of your entire opening file (Cerfa 13824*03) as well as the documents for a Building Permit or a Prior Declaration.

As DPLG licensed architects registered with the Order of Architects, we can sign and issue Building Permits


We carry out for you:

• the file intended for verifying compliance with fire safety rules (SSI)

• the file intended to verify compliance with accessibility rules for PRMs (people with reduced mobility) and the disabled.

• the building permit

• the prior declaration