A single point of contact: Design + Work on your project

Design + Realization of your project, work included under our entire responsibility.

A single point of contact from start to finish, with real contractual guarantees of results and deadlines.

What is a general contracting architect ?

The general contracting architect offers his client a turnkey offer which includes the study of the project as well as the cost of manufacturing and insurance.

By this offer, the general contracting architect undertakes by contract on the quality, price and deadlines.

This mission may include :

  • study of the program
  • complex surveys of existing buildings,
  • architectural studies

After signing the contract, the general contractor carries out the studies and work with partner subcontractors in whom he has complete confidence and whose prices he has negotiated

Regular meetings make it possible to check the conformity of the work and compliance with the specifications.

This procedure relieves clients and allows them to concentrate on their profession.

The advantages of choosing a general contractor ?

The general contracting architect commits his expertise and operational experience.

It has a team of specialized partners, capable of meeting all requirements (technical, economic, etc.) on buildings of all kinds (Industry - tertiary homes, Rehabilitation, agricultural buildings, etc.).

The general contracting architect is the sole owner of the market and the sole contact for the client and companies working on the site.

The general contractor is responsible for the entire operation, from design to completion.



The general contractor does not favor a specific trade but invests in the same way with all those involved in the project.

Dealing with a general contractor is more flexible and more economical because they have the same contractual obligations as a general contractor.


There are no hazards or surprises on the site because we take care of them.

Once the project has been defined and the contract signed, you have your premises after final reception to enjoy your new premises.