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Dental center – Neuilly sur Seine (92)

A dental practice must have a staff area, a patient reception area, a waiting room and a number of treatment rooms.
These treatment rooms are equipped with specific medical equipment for dental treatments and with appropriate lighting and ventilation systems.
Facility staff are typically placed in a separate area from the rest of the dental office. This area is usually equipped with a desk and a storage area for equipment and supplies.

Orthodontic office – Paris 17th

Our role is to provide modern and ergonomic design solutions that improve patient comfort and overall practitioner satisfaction. Create suitable and secure spaces so that each practice offers the best possible service to its patients.

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Veterinary clinic – Meaux (77)

Un cabinet vétérinaire nécessite des espaces pour les patients, les vétérinaires et le personnel, ainsi que des aires de stockage et des salles d’examen.
Des solutions doivent être trouvées pour créer des lieux conviviaux et adaptés aux différents usages.
Les plans et les conceptions doivent être bien adaptés aux exigences techniques et à la sécurité des patients et du personnel.
Les attentes et exigences spécifiques, ainsi que les contraintes techniques et financières doivent être prises en compte dans la conception et l’aménagement.

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Zoological breeding and veterinary practice – BIOME La Rochelle (17)

Design of a revolutionary veterinary space whose structure is made from recycled containers!

The project includes:

public area (including: )
the wait
the hall
the sanitary facilities
sales spaces

semi-public area. (In this space, the client can enter but accompanied by an employee of the veterinary center. We find: )
consultation rooms
endoscopy rooms
additional examinations
x-ray room

private area. (this is the clinical space. it includes: )
preparation room
surgery room
treatment room
the kennel
pharmacy storage space

The project also includes the construction of a bunker


The project was presented to elected officials and was extremely well received.

The project is currently being studied and a building permit will be submitted soon.
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Eye clinic – Nantes (44)

Studies for the development of a reception area for an ophthalmological clinic.

The missions entrusted to us by the practitioner:

realization of development plans
Building permit file
ERP opening authorization administrative file
detailed plans (DCE mission)

Medical & Dental Center – Saint Sébastien Paris 11th

In a completely disused premises on the ground floor and UNDERGROUND in the center of Paris (11th arrondissement), we have created a medical-dental center with 13 chairs of 440m².

The center has:

4 medical care rooms (pediatrics, general medicine, mammography, ultrasound)
8 dental treatment room
1 surgical block
1 sterilization room
1 panoramic room
1 management office
2 administration offices
Personal space (office/relaxation, changing rooms and men's and women's toilets)
soundproofed technical rooms
2 reception/waiting areas with tailor-made reception desks
The challenge was to create particularly pleasant and warm spaces, in a completely blind room, without windows. This feeling of well-being was achieved through an optimal proportion of spaces, color temperatures studied according to the spaces, the use of noble materials such as natural stone, wood and glass...

We placed great emphasis on ventilation, air conditioning and hygrometry of spaces so as to never feel isolated. This medical ERP is 100% accessible to PRMs (People with Reduced Mobility).

Acoustic treatment was also considered from the design of the center, both in the layout of the different technical rooms and in the choice of materials (sound complexes, etc.)

The result is a high-quality medical and dental center, where it is pleasant to be treated and work.
Centre dentaire Lorient bretagne naturel design moderne _01

Medical and Dental center – Lorient (56)

Located on the main square of the city, we carried out the design and works on the facilities of this medical dental center. Covering almost 190 square meters on a single level, it has 5 dental treatment rooms, a 3D panoramic room, a surgical block with airlock, personal space with kitchenette and changing rooms, WC accessible to People with Reduced Mobility (PRM), a large reception and waiting area…

Not having enough space on the front to place our sign, we chose to place it inside the premises at the waiting room level, which gives it a dual function; interior and exterior.

The reception desk is comfortable and allows the installation of 3 dental assistants.

As the central shades, we chose warm, maritime shades in collaboration with our client. Thus we find shades of grays, blues and light oak wood which warms up the whole.

As always in our designs, particular attention has been paid to light; circulation, proportion of spaces, and acoustic comfort.

On this subject, we have developed specific partition complexes in order to obtain the best acoustic performance and ensure the medical confidentiality essential to your professional activity. On this project, we acted as general contractors. That is to say that we carried out all the design, the technical plans, all the procedures and administrative files (ERP, disabled access, fire safety, change of assignment, sign request, etc.); then proposed an ultra competitive quote for work at less than €1000 excluding tax/m2, including furniture, air conditioning, signage, etc.

Our client has a very intense professional activity, so this solution suited him immediately. We provide him with a weekly report on the progress of the project, the financial situation and our compliance with the work schedule.

The work is currently in progress, photos of the completed project will be posted online as soon as the work is finished.

This project is proof that architecte-mé is capable of operating throughout France successfully and efficiently. So don’t hesitate! We are at your disposal for any information

Start of construction: March 2019

Duration of the project: 3 months

Project area. 188m2

Budget: €170,000 excluding tax

Centre ophtalmologique bordeaux accueil moderne_resize

Ophthalmological center – Bordeaux (33)

In a magnificent 240m² premises with a beautiful street window, our clients asked us to design a medical and ophthalmological space. The center has 4 ophthalmology consultation boxes, 6 orthodontics boxes, a sterile IVT room, a pre-consultation box... And of course all the necessary and regulatory spaces (reception, waiting, PMR toilet, personal spaces etc…)

The whole, classified ERP type U category 5, complies with the latest ERP standards in terms of disabled accessibility and fire safety.

We worked on the questions of :

patient flow
hygiene print
impression of space and seriousness
comfort of practitioners and patients
management of natural and artificial light
center acoustics for mandatory confidentiality
dual-flow ventilation for good air renewal and compliance with regulations on the ventilation of medical spaces (reinforced by the current health situation)
a controlled cost of work: €1000 excluding tax/m²

Dental & medical center – Villeneuve la Garenne (92)

We were commissioned to rehabilitate a commercial premises in the heart of Villeneuve la Garenne to create a medical and dental center.

Formerly a bank, this 280 m² premises on the ground floor and basement has been completely rehabilitated for the project.

The practitioners were particularly attached to the well-being of their colleagues and the impression of clarity of the spaces.

We therefore used sound-proof double-glazed walls to guarantee confidentiality and acoustic comfort between dental offices, while diffusing natural light coming from the office windows, directly into the common areas of the center.

With the clients, we chose soft and warm shades, while keeping the medical and health spirit of the place.
These colors and the choice of materials give an impression of timelessness, solidity, seriousness, while reassuring and giving confidence to patients who are not always calm when visiting the dentist...

The office offers all standard dental care

dental care
fixed dental prostheses
removable dentures
dental aesthetics
Les Mureaux centre medico dentaire_2

Medical & dental center – Les Mureaux (78)

The agency is building a 180m² center in new commercial premises in a building at the end of construction.

The premises are very bright because it has a large glass facade on the street overlooking one of the main boulevards of the city.

The difficulty of this project was to play with the numerous structural posts existing in the room. After several versions, we (the clients and ourselves) are very satisfied with the ergonomics of the plan of this dental office which clearly shows a public area and a more private clinic area.

We thus enter a large, clear, glazed reception and waiting space, onto which are added the PRM toilets, the panoramic room, and a management office.

In the clinic area, there are 5 large treatment rooms of almost 14m² each, a surgical block with a PMR SAS for implantology in particular, the sterilization room in a central position. At the back of the space, the premises dedicated to staff which also have a private entrance.