Dental & medical center – Villeneuve la Garenne (92)

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We were commissioned to rehabilitate a commercial premises in the heart of Villeneuve la Garenne to create a medical and dental center.

Formerly a bank, this 280 m² premises on the ground floor and basement has been completely rehabilitated for the project.

The practitioners were particularly attached to the well-being of their colleagues and the impression of clarity of the spaces.

We therefore used sound-proof double-glazed walls to guarantee confidentiality and acoustic comfort between dental offices, while diffusing natural light coming from the office windows, directly into the common areas of the center.

With the clients, we chose soft and warm shades, while keeping the medical and health spirit of the place.
These colors and the choice of materials give an impression of timelessness, solidity, seriousness, while reassuring and giving confidence to patients who are not always calm when visiting the dentist...

The office offers all standard dental care

dental care
fixed dental prostheses
removable dentures
dental aesthetics